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New Day Program

The New Day Center campus is located at 210 2nd Street SE, in
Hickory, NC 28602 (828.639.4460). Here, we provide safety, shelter, and
positive programming during daytime hours for homeless women and children.
Currently, we are open Monday through Friday from 9 am until 3 pm.
We have a van that picks up women and children from the local
homeless shelter in the morning and returns them in the afternoon.

The Whole Woman Residential Program

Our residential facility located at 210 2nd Street SE in Hickory (828-855-9055), provides the setting for a unique one-year Christian recovery/aftercare – the only such program available for women in Hickory or the Catawba County, NC area.
Our goal is to provide women with the opportunity and necessary resources to
heal from past wounds and resulting coping behaviors. We believe that addiction
is a disease that requires both evidence-based treatment, a strong faith emphasis
and case management for full recovery.  For this reason, we take a holistic
approach. Thus, our program is built upon five key components: Spiritual
Renewal, Meaningful Relationships, Lifetime Recovery tools, Retraining the
 heart, mind, and body, and Access to needed resources. Please contact our office
for more details about specific goals, guidelines and criteria for the program or
for information about the application process.

**Safe Harbor’s one year program cost per resident is approximately $17,000 per year. Our donors and the success of our social enterprise, ReSource Warehouse & Gallery, make it possible for us to offer this program at no financial cost to the residents.

Greenleaf Program

Safe Harbor has a 15-unit apartment complex that provides transitional housing
for women who graduate our Whole Woman program, and for women and
children who qualify for housing through our New Day Program.


The program provides a programming and accountability, along with case management and other resources, with the goal of preparing women for
independent living.  Program fees determined on a case by case basis.


For more information, contact Stella at

Family Recovery - Recovery, It's a Family Thing!

No one knows the heartache and frustration of addiction or alcoholism more than the addict and his or her family.  Even when a loved one seeks help, often the family is left to struggle with a roller coaster of emotion and perhaps even cleaning up the wreckage that is left in the wake of destruction left behind by that loved one’s problems. Safe Harbor wants to provide resources for families finding themselves in this situation. Below are some great websites and resources that we hope you find helpful.


If you are seeking support from others going through a similar struggle, there are some options available, depending upon where you live. We suggest that families read “Everything Changes,” a book by Beverly Conyers and available online at
You can find out more by visiting the following websites: | | |


The Genesis Process is used at Safe Harbor.  One in particular is located at:  Safe Harbor also hosts a monthly Genesis Process group, led by a couple that has experienced over 5 years of recovery.  This group is open to the public,
and meets the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30, on the lower level of our residential facility at 210 2nd St SE, Hickory, NC 28602.
Contact or 828-326-7233 for details.


Here are two great articles on realistic expectations for long-term recovery:
11 Things to Avoid When A Loved One Comes Home | Disappointment in Recovery


Two videos are particularly insightful:  What it’s Like to Be Addicted | What it’s Like to Love an Addict

If you are trying to intervene in a loved one’s life and need some ideas of how to structure a plan, download a sample Recovery Contract.


Prevention: |

Genesis Recovery

The Genesis Process is a powerful and life-transforming tool that was developed by Michael Dye out of his vast experience both professionally and personally.  Dye has developed concepts, teachings, and simple tools that help ANYONE who WANTS to change become ABLE to change. These concepts are based on scriptural principles, combined with scientific brain and behavioral research. And they work for any type of hurt, hang-up, or habits any of us may be dealing with.


To understand more about the Genesis Process, please visit the website at


Safe Harbor has the privilege of now offering this resource to anyone in the community. Although we utilize the Relapse Prevention Workbook in our one year recovery program with great success, we were hearing so many others – men and women alike – who were desperate to find something that works in dealing with their struggles.


What you will find are vulnerable leaders who have found hope and
help through these processes, and who are loving and non-judgmental.

What you will NOT find is a sermon, advice, or a quick fix to your problems.


 Genesis Recovery Group is held on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm in the New Day Center located in the lower level of Safe Harbor Rescue Mission at 210 2nd St, SE, Hickory, NC. No registration or advance notification is needed. There is no pressure to share, there is no charge, and there is no commitment for continued attendance.


For more information you may contact the leaders, Berry at or Chris at


All Adults Welcome | No Child Care Available

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