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12 Days of Christmas

Gifts of Service Tree


12 Days of Christmas Campaign

A stocking will be put together for our New Day Program guests using the following items:

   40 stockings-Collecting 40 empty Christmas stockings would be a fun group project.

    $20 gift cards to Walmart

    $10 gift cards to Subway, McDonald’s, Bojangles and Walmart

    $5  gift cards to Walmart

    Gift card for free hair cut

    CCM gift card

    Bus passes (any amount)

    $20 gas cards (for SH use in transportation)

    Grocery store cards ($20 for SH use or for women moving into Greenleaf)

    Underwear (any amount, any size for adult women)

    Essential Oils (lemon, peppermint, lavender, Serenity blend, or Clary Sage)

    Money toward a trip to Billy Graham library or Tanglewood and dinner for NDP


You can bring your 12 days of Christmas gift by our Admin office at

16 1st Avenue NE, Hickory, NC 28601


Gifts of Service Tree

(contact Christie at


One time cleaning NDP

    Mowing WW lawn one week in the summer

    Raking one week in fall

    Paint a room as needed

    Pull weeds around residence one week

    Wash ministry vehicles

    Volunteer ½ day at ReSource

    Pick up trash and pray around our block

    Take a NDP guest for coffee

    Make prayer cards to be left for women in NDP

    Come and pray over the facility

    Provide lunch for the NDP


To provide food or goodies, contact Deborah at




The women in our transitional housing program are in need of transportation for employment. If you have an old car and plan to upgrade, please consider donating a used car in good condition to further this cause. You will receive a tax deductible receipt.  Contact Dawn at

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